Final Exam Study Guide

Unit 1:

·         Large and Small Scale Maps, Latitude, Longitude, Coordinates

·         Type of Maps

·         Artifact, Fossil, Hominid, Paleolithic,  Mesolithic Age Neolithic Age

·         Primary and Secondary Sources

Unit 2:

·         hunter-gatherer, nomad, migration, technology, religion, domesticated, agriculture, slash-and-burn, irrigation

·         Social Class, Government, Specialization, Artisans, Surpluses

Unit 3:

·         Mesopotamia, Floodplain, Silt, Semiarid, Drought, Surplus, Civilization, Sumer, City-State, Ziggurat, Polytheism, King,

·        Bronze, Pictograph, Stylus, Cuneiform, Scribe

Unit 4:

·         Tribute, Justice, Hammurabi, Emperor, Empire, Fertile Crescent, Code of Law, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Exile

·         Satrap, Anatolia, Province, Royal Road, Toleration